Gratitude Railroad

A new visual identity and website for a community-driven impact investment firm.

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The new Gratitude Railroad visual identity and website, intentionally designed to reflect their unwavering commitment to catalyzing capital toward planetary health and social well-being, with design elements infused with the vibrancy of humanity and nature: bright colors, handmade illustration, and imagery that captures the energy of the human spirit and our remarkable planet. 

In crafting the new visual identity, we set forth three foundational pillars that underpin Gratitude Railroad's mission and values:

1. Inspire Action

The new visual identity is rooted in a commitment to inspire positive change. The intention is to stir a sense of purpose and drive action with vibrant colors, custom handmade illustration, and human-centered imagery.

2. Showcase Investment Expertise

A new visual identity and website provided an opportunity to showcase Gratitude Railroad's track record and expertise championing innovative businesses that generate compelling returns and enduring impact. The new website includes a more thoughtful investments section that captures the diversity of their portfolio.

3. Galvanize Community and Capital

We recognize the transformative power of an inspired and committed community in driving positive change. The new visual identity and website showcases their unique community-driven investing model – and the ways in which investors, fund managers, entrepreneurs, and ecosystem partners enhance the strength of their investments and the impact of the community.

Capturing the vibrancy of humanity and our planet.

We seek to capture the energy of the human spirit, real people, and a thriving planet through natural and bright photography. The photos elevate various themes and concepts, from the collaborative power that propels us forward to the mesmerizing world of nature intertwined with innovative ideas.


Francois Huyghe,

Chloe Maes,

Sharon Bach


Reece Wykes - Illustration,

Anton Haugen - Writing