From Shelter To Apartment

A fold-out poster guide that breaks down people’s rights in NYC homeless shelters.

project image

From Shelter to Apartment is our collaboration with The Center for Urban Pedagogy and The Urban Justice Center—Safety Net Project. The project is a foldout poster and guide that provides homeless New Yorkers with critical information about their rights in the shelter system and the different programs available to help them find affordable, permanent housing. The poster is also available in Spanish.

Over a hundred thousand people find themselves in the NYC shelter system every year. Along with the stress and emotional toll that’s caused by homelessness, these individuals must also navigate the daily challenges of shelter living and are often vulnerable to unjust treatment from shelter staff and unsuitable living conditions.

We worked closely with Safety Net Project staff, volunteersand CUP staff on many iterations of the design to test and ensure that the design and information was accessible, accurate and well-organized for those who would be using this resource. The Safety Net project is distributing the guide throughout the city at food pantries, libraries, and shelters with their network of partner organizations working with homeless New Yorkers.