The 100 Million Project

The 100 Million Project is a landmark study conducted by the Knight Foundation that looks at the 100 million Americans who are eligible to vote but don’t. This study surveyed 12,000 chronic non-voters nationally and in 10 swing states, soliciting their views, attitudes and behaviors on a wide range of topics.

Interactive Website

We designed a fun and quirky brand identity to lift the rich data content in a way that is both accessible and exciting. Using this identity, we worked closely with the Knight Foundation’s research team to conceptualize, design and develop an interactive website that takes users through the findings in a media-rich, long-form story. The website includes 4 short documentary films, a “What type of non-voter are you?” quiz and an interactive data visualization tool to explore data in swing states.  

Are you a modern moderate or an unattached apolitical? There is not one way to define a non-voter and they do not necessarily fall into a certain gender, race, class, education level, or even political affiliation. We designed a quiz that engages users to learn about the different types of non-voters.


We created video animations for four short documentary films by Show of Force. The videos dive deeper into the stories of non-voters in West Virginia, Arizona, New York City.  

On America’s most diverse train, New York City's 7 subway line, non-voters from all walks of life straight talk about why so many Americans don’t vote. Hand-drawn animations by Tim Ballard.

One Arizona DREAMer who can't vote works to increase voter turnout in his community.

A single mom in West Virginia turns to her community of non-voters as she enters an uphill race for 2020 House in the state ranked 49th in voter turnout.


The launch of the campaign was covered by press outlets like POLITICO, The Atlantic, RawStory, The Hill and FIVETHIRTYEIGHT and more.