Happiness Abscissa

Happiness Abscissa (Ha) is a line of fragrances and candles created in collaboration between Emilio, a neurologist, and Ann, a psychiatrist and artist. We had the pleasure of working closely with them to develop an e-commerce Shopify website for their new brand.

In our discovery of the brand, it was important to express how the scents have been optimized to bring a sense of wellbeing and happiness. Drawing from the the mission of HA and the hand drawn imagery and branding, we created original watercolor motifs and floral designs for the web design. As a result, we created a whimsical parallax long-scrolling website to showcase their products.

We’re honored to be included in Shopify’s 50 Exceptional Online Stores Built on Shopify.

Happiness Abscissa also made the list in Laura Dern’s beauty regimen for the New York Times.