Courage Score

Courage Score is a tool designed to help Californians learn about votes cast by their elected representatives in the State Assembly and Senate. The score is a number, unique to each legislator, revealing how often they stand up for constituents over corporate lobbyists that exploit Californians.

We worked with the Courage California team to develop a new data-driven, interactive website that engages and encourages users to go in depth to learn whether their representatives vote in the best interests of the people and families they serve.

Users can browse all California representatives and see, at a glance, their overall scores, grade and how they rank among one another.

Courage Score works with their progressive partner organizations who provide information on the bills they advocated for each year, insight into how the bill moved through the legislature, and a wide range of progressive issues to score legislators on. 

Each representative has a profile that features their district, score, voting history by topic, how much corporate money they’ve accepted and a score grade from partner organizations like the ACLU, Environmental Justice Alliance and more. Users are able to explore all of this data in depth to reveal whether their representatives stay true to their constituents.

Courage Score features a list of All-Stars, the representatives who score the best and do not fail to represent their constituents in the face of corporate pressure.

On the other side of the coin, it also features the Hall of Shame: a list of representatives who align with corporations and lobbyists instead of Californians. 

Courage Score gives voters the information needed, quickly and easily, to hold elected their officials accountable.